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Juno Lighting Group offers a variety of recessed lighting fixtures for any home. Below you will find links to their more popular items in our catalog. If for some reason you do not see the platform or trim that you are looking for, please contact check the link to their website or contact us, and we will be able to get the information you need...


4" Line-Voltage Residential Recessed Housings


4" Line-Voltage Residential Recessed Trims


4" Low-Voltage Residential Recessed Housings


4" Low-Voltage Residential Recessed Trims


6" Line-Voltage Recessed Housings


6" Line-Voltage Recessed Trims


by Juno

High-end Recessed Lighting from Juno. Aculux precision recessed lighting includes a comprehensive series of high-performance, architectural-grade luminaires. Designed to blend quietly with the architecture, Aculux fixtures provide highly efficient illumination of artwork and furnishings, as well as dramatic space-enhancing effects. Aculux precision recessed lighting is perfect for residential applications where high performance and inconspicuous appearance are required. Aculux offers the smallest aperture available in the precision recessed market and the reflectors feature deep lamp shielding to eliminate glare.


Aculux Platforms


Aculux Trims